Online Backup Service – Servers




  • Automatic: Back-ups can be scheduled for every night, or whatever times you wish.
  • Confirmation: Email reports on success or problems with back-ups.
  • Redundant off-site security: Data is preserved on storage servers located in two physically distant, secured data centers.
  • Supports encryption: Data can only be accessed by your unique key.
  • Works with all computers: Windows, Macintosh, and Linux; PCs, laptops, even servers.
  • Targeted back-ups: Just those files and folders you specify.
  • Fast and efficient: Compresses files, and uses your own broadband connection during slack periods you determine.
  • Graduated back-ups: Only new or changed data is read and backed up.
  • Deleted file retention: Files you have tossed out are kept for a period you specify “just in case”.
  • Optional seed-loading and recovery: Makes initial uploading or downloading of large data sets faster and easier via portable hard drive.
  • Easy file recovery: Downloads to any system with just a web browser.
  • Free data recoveryNo extra fees for downloading your data.
  • Tiered service: Available for individual computers, or entire office networks.