Jacquita Beddo

Jacquita Beddo

Sculpture, Painting, Ceramics, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Pottery
Artist Websitehttp://www.ArtByJQ.com
Email jbeddo@artbyjq.com
Mailing Address PO Box 1307
 Abiquiú, NM 87510-1307
Phone 505-670-1462
"Ceramic Sculpture, Pottery, Jewelry, Paintings, Mixed Media, & Free Beans"

I am one of those people that love to make things. There is a child within me that is dying to yell out “Look what I made!” Here is my dirty little secret: I want people to buy my stuff. The real thrill is when someone is willing to hand over good money in order to own something I made.

I am involved with several different medias. Some say too many, but I do love clay. The transformative power of the firing process is the kicker for me.  I’m still amazed that the dried mud that went into the kiln comes out the other side as something solid and substantial. Kilns, both old school and new technology, intrigue me. My family likes to tease that I have a kiln habit.

Figurative work makes up about 50% of my sculptural shapes, but any organic shape can flip my switches. Another thing that gets me going is making things that people use, so I also do functional ware. My hope is to make pieces that will be treasured. I suspect there is a bit of the hippie potter lurking within because I thrive on discussions of clay properties and glaze compounds.

Lately I’ve been playing with concrete. It has the same kind of magic that clay offers. You start with the wet sloppy mess and it cures into something solid and permanent. There are just too many medias to explore.