Nadina Barnes

Nadina Barnes

Fiber Arts
Mailing Address PO Box 146
 Abiquiú, NM 87510
Phone 505-685-4673
Upcycled Artwear

I am in a life-long love affair with textile arts. I probably started sewing at age 6 when my Grandmother gave me fabrics and trims. I have studied costume and clothing construction and design as well as surface design techniques, and worked with professional dyes for many years.

ART-TO WEAR: I also love to “save” quality clothing from thrift stores and yard sales and then alter them for a new life. I have been manipulating fabrics for almost 50 years and use many different techniques to turn outdated clothing into art to wear.

SILK SCARVES: Scarves continue to be a favorite for me with surface design. With the scarves I can try out different dyes and techniques. My scarves vary from designs based on local petroglyps to sun-prints to intricate tie-dyed creations.

VINTAGE TREASURES: My collection includes quality embroidered and woven tablecloths, napkins, runners and doilies. I incorporate some of these textiles into my clothing and some are available for continued use at the table. Many have been given modern color.

TEXTILE TREASURE KITS: My Grandmother encouraged my love of textile design with gifts from her scrap bag. I am honoring her gift and providing that encouragement in the form of Textile Treasure Kits. The color-coordinated treasures include hand-dyed embroideries, fabrics, and trims, as well as carefully selected buttons or beads.