Udorami is a social list building site. The project consists of a WordPress site for ease of editing, a CakePHP webapp to manage lists, and collaborations, and a javascript bookmarklet that loads on any webpage allowing you to easily add information to lists.

Art Cards

Art Cards – Started out as an iOS app to display information for a yearly art tour that happens in Abiquiu, New Mexico. The project migrated to having a website, and a back-end app that could supply data to both the WordPress front-end and to the iOS app. Built in CakePHP. My contribution to this project […]

Ingress FAQ for not quite beginners

Once you’re been playing Ingress for a few months you begin to see things that are confusing. Here are some common questions.   How can someone have more than one L8 Resonator on a portal? This was a great mystery to me the first time I saw an L8 portal with resonators all owned by […]