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Archive for September 2017


Udorami is a social list building site. The project consists of a WordPress site for ease of editing, a CakePHP webapp to manage lists, and collaborations, and a javascript bookmarklet that loads on any webpage allowing you to easily add information to lists.

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Art Cards

Art Cards – Started out as an iOS app to display information for a yearly art tour that happens in Abiquiu, New Mexico. The project migrated to having a website, and a back-end app that could supply data to both the WordPress front-end and to the iOS app. Built in CakePHP. My contribution to this project…

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Ingress FAQ for not quite beginners

Once you’re been playing Ingress for a few months you begin to see things that are confusing. Here are some common questions.   How can someone have more than one L8 Resonator on a portal? Expand This was a great mystery to me the first time I saw an L8 portal with resonators all owned…

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Israeli Salad

This salad is light and full of flavor. It is good with everything! I’ve even had it as a side with scrambled eggs for breakfast. The mint adds a refreshing quality.

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The Bobiverse

I’m pretty sure if you’d told me I’d like a book that starts with a guy dying, then waking up as a disembodied artificial intelligence I would have scoffed. Yet, these books are great! Funny, full of action, and lots of creative problem solving. There are three books in the series so far. They follow…

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A French Pastry Artist

I would love to show you the Instagram feed for Melanie Launay. She’s a “Pastry Storyteller” with a delightful sense of whimsy. For more info on her amazing creations visit her website. Sadly, Instagram has decided that people are no longer allowed to display an instagram feed for someone other than yourself. This seems really short-sited…

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